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Sư huynh Tổng Quyền Robert Schieler có vài lời ngắn
chúc mừng Giáng Sinh gửi anh chị em trong gia đình La San
Sau đây là nguyên ngữ bằng tiếng Anh

Christmas Wishes and Pastoral Letter

Enlightened by the star and even more so by
the light of faith, the Magi go beyond their
borders to announce a new Sun of Justice
with the surprising proclamation that
this is a day of salvation.
(MF 96.1.1)

We, too, are called to go beyond our borders
to bring the Good News of God’s mercy and love
to all peoples through concrete actions
of kindness, gentleness, and compassion.

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Superior General

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