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New Appointments in the Casa Generalizia
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Looking ahead to personnel for 2016 – 2017, Brother Superior General has appointed several Lasallians to join the Central Community at the Generalate for different services. Their presence will help to bring about the objectives determined by our last General Chapter.


Brother Alexander Gonzalez Morales from the Bogota District has been called to work in the Communications and Technology Service as Coordinating Secretary, replacing Brother Jesús Martin who has held this position over the past six years while upgrading the communications system, promoting the Lasallian corporative brand, and fostering the creation of a consistent communications plan at the Institute level.

Brother Alexander, who is 41 years old, has been both the RELAL representative on the International Council of Communications and a Communications Assistant during the last 45th General Chapter. His experience will help us create a more effective Institute communications network and heighten the visibility of our Lasallian mission worldwide.


Brother Robert Schaefer from DENA (District of Eastern North America) will join the team of the Secretariat for Formation. During the last three years, Brothers Vincent Pelletier, also from DENA, and Jose Ricardo Moreno, from Bogota, have been members of the Secretariat. They both were well-known because of their valuable collaboration and fraternal spirit, especially through CIL and other international formation programs.
Brother Robert “Bobby” Schaefer is 49 years old and has served as a delegate from his District to the 45th General Chapter. Part of his new assignment will be implementing the objectives related to the area of Lasallian formation as determined by that General Chapter.

In addition to these appointments, Brother Superior has appointed two Secretaries for Association and Mission whose posts were vacant. These two positions are meant to work directly in the implementation of the strategies (Circular 470) designed to follow up the propositions of the General Chapter (Circular 469) in the area of Association for the Lasallian Mission. Both of them will collaborate closely with the General Councilors Brothers Gustavo Ramirez and Rafael Matas.
These two new Secretaries are Mr. Keane Palatino and Br. Nestor Anaya.


Mr. Keane Palatino is a Philippine lay Lasallian from LEAD (Lasallian East Asia District). He attended Philippine Lasallian institutions from primary through graduate school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Philippine Studies and in Mass Media at De La Salle University, Manila. He also holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management from the same university.

Upon graduating from college, Keane was appointed Program Coordinator of the Lasallian Youth Commission for the then District of Philippines. In May of 2011, he became Executive Assistant to the Brother Visitor of the newly created LEAD District. Since November 2013, he has held the position of Executive Director of Lasallian Mission Services for De La Salle Philippines.  At an international level, Keane has represented his District at several PARC Youth congresses, assemblies, symposia and conferences. For the last two years, he has been a member of the International Council of Young Lasallians.


Br. Nestor Anaya, a Mexican from the Antilles-South Mexico District, holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Elementary Education, Spanish and Religious Studies. He also holds a Master degree in Educational Administration from La Salle University of Mexico. Currently, he is working on a PhD in Education, at the La Salle Open University of Andorra.

Brother Nestor has teaching experience in elementary, high school and higher education levels. He has been a Board member for two higher education institutions within his home District, as well as Vice President for Student Wellness and Integral Formation for De La Salle University at El Bajío.  He has been the chair of several School Accreditation Committees, President of Mexico City´s Catholic School Association, and consultant to the Mexican Confederation of Private Schools for the Accreditation Model.  At the District level, he has served the past eight years as Secretary for Association and Mission.

Both, Keane and Nestor, as Secretaries of Association for the Lasallian Educational Mission, will work collaboratively with Rafa and Gustavo, the General Councilors responsible for the accompaniment of CIAMEL, Young Lasallians, Lasallian Family and Lasallian Vocations in fostering the Institute´s effective answers to the educational needs of the 21th century.

We thank Brothers Jesús, Vincent and José Ricardo for their abundant and generous service to the whole Institute from their base in Rome. We wish them a happy and fruitful return to mission in their home Districts.  As we say goodbye to them, we warmly welcome Alexander, Bobby, Keane and Nestor in the Central Community of the Casa Generalizia.

Br. Jorge Gallardo de Alba
Vicar General

(Theo Lasalle.org)

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New Appointments in the Casa Generalizia
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